the home page of the unofficial
North Country Trail Long Distance Hikers

An effort to preserve the information about those who have hiked more than 200 different miles of the North Country National Scenic Trail,
to recognize those who have done so,
to encourage others to hike more of the trail,
and perhaps to form an official North Country Long Distance Hikers Club.

In 2015 we began an effort to officially recognize those who have hiked one more more complete North Country Trail state, and/or 1000 different miles of the trail. This is overseen by the Long Distance Hiker Recognition Committee of the North Country Trail Association.

The central patch is awarded once, with the initial application. The rockers are added as hikers complete additional states or mileages. Rockers not pictured (and not yet available) are for Vermont and the Mackinac Bridge. If all parts of the trail are completed on foot the End to End Hike rocker is awarded. If some portions are bicycled or paddled (in adjacent waterways) the End to End Trip rocker is awarded.

See Joan Young's program schedule

E2E Hikers
Peter Wolfe finished 1980
Ed Talone 1994
Chet Fromm finished 1995
Andy Skurka finished 2005
Allen Shoup finished 2005
Don Beattie finished 2005
Bart Smith finished 2007
NimblewillNomad 2009
Joan Young finished 2010
Luke Jordan (Strider) 2013
Al Learned 2013
Gail Lowe (Chosen) 2014
James Lunning (Attrition) 2016
Dan Dorrough 2016
Ruth Dorrough 2016
Shane Peltonen 2016
Nathan Simpson 2018

E2E Trippers (all muscle powered, but not all hiking)
Carolyn Hoffman finished 1978
Judy Geisler finished 2011

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To apply for Long-Distance Hiking Awards on the NCT:

Download the full NCT End-to-End Hike/Trip Policy

Download the application for status as a long-distance hiker

Download the application for a complete E2E Trip/Hike

Download the quick and dirty Recognition Instruction Sheet

Mail completed applications to Joan H. Young, 861 W US 10
Scottville, MI 49454
or email to
(LDH Committee Chair)

Potentially Useful Information

A page with long-range weather information, fire, lyme, west nile, UV index
Risk Planner

It would be welcome if you were inclined to make a small donation. Please donate to the North Country Trail Association and mark it for Long Distance Hiker Recognition.

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